Events & publications

Each 6 months the partners meet either during the transnational meetings or on the occasion of the transnational learning, teaching or training activity (LTTA): a kick off meeting in Paris (France) in 2019, a second meeting in Poland (2020), a third meeting after the interim report in Hungary (2020) and a  transnational learning, teaching or training activity in Italy (2021).

Three European meetings are expected

a kick off meeting in Paris, September - October 2019, held by Caritas France ;

a second European meeting in Warsaw, June 2020, held by association STOP ;

a third meeting in Budapest in October 2020, held by Jovokerek ;


a final EU meeting in June 2021 in Rome, held by Erifo



A EU meeting combined with a Learning/Training/teaching/activity in Lourdes, held by the Cité Saint Pierre (Caritas France)

 In complement a transnational learning, teaching or training activity (LTTA) will be organized the second year (2021) by STOP- the National association for trainers in Poland in Warsaw in order to be able to exchange professional practices among educators coming from 4 different countries (France, Italy, Hungary & Poland ). It should associate more numerous people, key actors in Poland , in the field of adult education. It will be possible thanks to the rich network of the Polish partner on the ground- NGOs and local authorities. Warsawt is in itself an example of diversity.

The European team at Caritas France (Paris, September & October 2019)